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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Website failure

  • Author: Walter Heins
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 14
  • Published January 14

Dr. Anne Zink is wrong: the Jan. 5 rollout of the state’s vaccine appointments was not “bumpy.” It was a debacle. It was no less than an extension of the national fiasco pitting states against each other over health-care workers’ personal protective equipment. By promulgating this failure, Alaska’s so-called leaders, the ones at the very top, proved they are unfit to lead.

By relegating the state’s website to an Amazon-like clearinghouse for vaccine sellers, the state fumbled the very key to beating the pandemic. Then, by building in a plausible deniability for this epic failure, the state proved it will not lead. It will only follow the bad examples that gave the U.S. the world’s worst public health record for the pandemic. We have become a beacon of light for conspiracists; as if the pandemic is not real.

As a senior trying to get an appointment, I would have been happy just to take my number and stand in line. But no, the website directed users to private web pages that dumped our data and evicted us to an error screen. No appointments, no waiting lists, no instructions, no online help. Forget the happy headline that vaccines are on the way. I can’t get one, you can’t get one, and the fantasy ceases when one simply tries to get in line for one.

— Walter Heins


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