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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Failing grades

  • Author: Patrick Ozment
    | Opinion
  • Updated: January 21
  • Published January 21

After working for the federal government for 30 years in health care, there are definite lessons to be learned from the failures of this pandemic — if we survive.

• COVID-19 testing/collection: F+ for incompetence.

• COVID-19 laboratory test result delays: F+ for incompetence.

• COVID-19 tracing program: F+ for incompetence.

• COVID-19 immunization clinics, appointment schedule rollout and communications process: F++ for incompetence.

COVID-19 vaccinations and appointment schedules were to be available on Jan. 11. Nobody appears to be in control of this process. Appointments were made available a week ahead of the scheduled date. Individuals were allowed to get a vaccination in a helter-skelter fashion.

The redundancy in registering for each individual clinic that shows available appointments — only to finally finish and see no appointments available — is ridiculous and frustrating. Only option available: Go on the “waitlist” and you will be called. Really? That’s the extent of the detailed information about being on the waitlist? Does that mean those of us seniors on the waitlist will have priority over future posted appointments? I would hope so! Also, if the site is going to list clinics like the “Anchorage Health Department” and a few others that show appointments available, a functional link to those sites and/or contact information would be helpful, if not required.

To top it off, less than 50% of available first doses of the vaccine have been administered. How many Fs are Public Health Leadership shooting for? We can only improve on the process from here, because I don’t think it can get lower.

— Patrick Ozment


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