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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cowardly vote

  • Author: Robert Atkinson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 22
  • Published February 22

We have two U.S. senators representing Alaska. One is up for reelection in 2022 and knows that the right wing of the GOP is not enamored of her lack of support for Donald Trump. After viewing the evidence presented in the trial, she voted to find Trump guilty of inciting insurrection. The other has just been safely reseated in what will no doubt be his space for life, but he voted to acquit Trump by hiding behind a very dubious constitutionality screen.

One has integrity and respect for the United States Constitution, and one does not. Mitch McConnell set up this screen by refusing to start the trial immediately upon receiving the impeachment documents from the House of Representatives. He blocked the trial until Trump was out of office, then had the audacity to claim that you cannot convict a person who is not in office. And one of our senators used that screen to hide behind as he cast his craven and cowardly vote to acquit a man who is most definitely guilty as charged. Uncle Ted rolls in his grave.

— Robert Atkinson


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