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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Shame on Murkowski

  • Author: Sheryl Nelson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 21
  • Published February 21

Lisa Murkowski has shamed Alaska. It was obvious on the face of it that the trial against former President Donald Trump was nothing more than a show trial, resembling far too closely those more common in Third World countries and previously communist countries.

And we Americans have stood here, mouths agape, as the members of Congress whine and cringe at the assault upon them on Jan. 6 when such atrocities and violence against the U.S. have been common for more than a year and the perpetrators have been cheered on, urged on, by the very members of Congress who are angry at Trump. By voting for conviction, Sen. Lisa Murkowski held up that double standard. Apparently all Americans are equal, but some members — Congress — are more equal.

— Sheryl A. Nelson


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