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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump was innocent

  • Author: Francis McGurgan
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 22
  • Published February 22

If a notorious person is accused of a crime, they are tried for that specific incident. A judge advises the jury to clearly make its decision based only on the facts of that case. Donald Trump was impeached due to his alleged leading and inciting the mobs that stormed and damaged the Capitol. Nothing he said encouraged them to do other than march and show resentment of what occurred in the previous election.

Fifty-seven senators did not follow the rule of law to try only sitting presidents by impeachment. Nor did they vote guilty on just that one supposition. They voted because they wanted punishment and foreclosure of any further elected post because they believed his numerous actions were unacceptable to them.

He was put on trial not for one charge he was clearly innocent of, but for his four years in office. Our senator joined these malcontents and stated she wanted him to resign and wanted him out. I would hate to be tried on a charge with a jurist who would find me guilty in spite of the facts of the case, just as she did. She voted to convict because of her dislike of Trump, not because of the facts. Shame on her.

— Francis McGurgan


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