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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Applesauce?

  • Author: Lynn Willis
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 22
  • Published February 22

Let me thank Sen. Dan Sullivan for his email response to my messages to his office questioning his failure, not as a U.S. senator, but as a colonel in the United States Marine Corps for not “speaking truth to power” based on the factual evidence presented at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

I would characterize his response to me, and as published in the ADN on Feb. 13, as “quibbling,” especially in light of what I have seen and read from recognized experts in the law and history of the United States regarding this impeachment and trial.

I would borrow my response to the senator from a sergeant major I once served with who after hearing a similar (although certainly not as eloquent) explanation from a soldier: “Son, you are trying to make applesauce out of road apples.”

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River

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