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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Historic achievement

  • Author: Mike Jens
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 22
  • Published February 22

Donald Trump claimed the impeachment vote provided a springboard for him to Make America Great Again (again). Some might be willing to agree had he received 57 not-guilty votes, but as we all know by now, there were only 43 votes for acquittal. Having most senators saying you are guilty would seem to be a pretty shaky basis upon which to launch any kind of future in politics, other than to hide your face in shame.

By comparison, Bill Clinton was found not guilty by a vote of 55 voting not guilty to 45 guilty, a true acquittal by any reasonable measure. Richard Nixon avoided impeachment by resigning before any senate vote was taken. Andrew Johnson came close to impeachment because his racist views clashed with Congress. Although James Buchanan was not impeached, he was found to be the most corrupt president since the foundation of the Republic. Amongst this group of scofflaws, is it possible Donald Trump is our new leader as the most corrupt president?

— Mike Jens


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