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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Our constitutional system

  • Author: Bill Hibler
    | Opinion
  • Updated: February 25
  • Published February 25

Having watched the impeachment trial through to the conclusion, I was surprised to see the headline in the ADN: “Trump remains dominant force in GOP following acquittal.” This is risible nonsense.

After the trial, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell eloquently made it clear that Donald Trump was absolutely responsible for the Capital riots on Jan. 6 and is still subject to criminal prosecution. He noted, however, that impeachment was a “narrow tool” for removal from office, and that to have the Senate convict private citizens of crimes would open the floodgates of abuse of the power of impeachment for all future generations. McConnell subsequently stated that all senators did what Trump did not do: fulfilled their Constitutional oaths.

Earlier, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer effectively branded “acquit” voters as spineless traitors, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later stated that McConnell was an idiot. Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin branded McConnell’s arguments “silly.” This is the principal difference between statesmen like McConnell and ruthless “Tammany Hall” politicians like Schumer and Pelosi. As for Raskin, he displays his shallow intellect.  Trump is no longer the leader of the Republican Party precisely because of McConnell’s vote and comments. The Constitution has not merely survived, it has prevailed.

— Bill Hibler


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