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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Relief spending

  • Author: William Lewis
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 5
  • Published April 5

So, the Assembly has a $100 million wish list. The way that our current Assembly would spend it would be foolish. It should be spent on our city’s infrastructure, public safety, transportation and assistance to the landlords that haven’t been able to collect rent.

For some reason, a lot of renters believe that they shouldn’t have to pay rent and the property owners wind up losing in the end. What people don’t realize is that when the landlords lose their property the tenants will lose their housing. Situations like this only contribute to bankruptcy, foreclosure and homelessness. By helping the landlords and their tenants it begins to address the homeless problem and when the homeless problem begins to get addressed that also helps to alleviate alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence. These are just some of my thoughts. So spend wisely, Anchorage.

— William Lewis


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