Letters to the Editor

Letter: Double standards

Frank Jeffries reminds me of Ronald Reagan.

In a recent letter to the editor (March 31), Mr. Jeffries asked what would Jesus do about an apparent officiating error that enabled Lumen Christi to win a crucial boys’ basketball game en route to a state championship.

His letter suggested Lumen Christi should have unilaterally reversed the call and asked officials to declare their opponents the winners.

Not being Jesus, I don’t know what Jesus would do. I suspect he’d be more concerned with what he called the least of his people and less concerned with basketball.

When Ronald Reagan was once asked about the federal government’s responsibility to care for poor people, the non-church-going president thought that was the responsibility of churches. I guess Reagan figured a churchgoer like me making six bucks per hour was more responsible to the poor than a multimillionaire like him.

What would Mr. Jeffries say if the situation were reversed and the officials had mistakenly awarded the game to Ninilchik? Do Jesus’ teachings apply to everyone, or just to Christians?

— Geoff Kennedy


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