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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Moral judgment

  • Author: John Jensen
    | Opinion
  • Updated: April 21
  • Published April 21

Mr. Geoff Kennedy’s recent letter missed the point completely. Mr. Kennedy asked: “What would Mr Jeffries say if the situation were reversed and the officials had mistakenly awarded the game to Ninilchik? Do Jesus’ teachings apply to everyone, or just to Christians?”

The real point is that many of us feel that the adults connected with a self-identified Christian school (or any religious school, for that matter) have a special obligation to live by their word. This is a bit similar to the saying that proof lies with the person who makes the positive statement.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Kennedy does not “...know what Jesus would do,” but many of us know what He should do, and we do not necessarily have to be good churchgoers to understand that fundamental concept.

— John Jensen


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