Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fair judgment

The trial judge in the Derek Chauvin trial now has a terrible responsibility. Minnesota law says 12.5 years each for the two guilty murder charges and 4 years for manslaughter charge. Served consecutively, this would be 29 years or 12.5 years served concurrently in prison for a former cop.  

A former cop who did not get out of bed on that fateful morning with the intention of murdering anyone. A former cop who is an apparent bully, based on prior questionable police actions.  Maybe a cop who should not have been a cop, if the Minnesota police union allowed management to cull possible bad cops.  Mens rea is a concept in law that must be proven — the guilty person had the mental intent to break the law. The jury found Chauvin intended to break the law. The video shows Chauvin acted with reckless intent that resulted in a death.

A drunken driver acts with reckless intent when they drink and drive. If that drunken driver has an accident, kills someone unintentionally, it’s still manslaughter. Public pressure will not allow the judge in this case to use his own judgment; this should not be the case. What’s justice for Chauvin? What’s justice or revenge for society? I am sad for a society or judge who must make that choice.

— Gordon Bowen


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