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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vaccinations

  • Author: Bill Kuhlmann
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 2 days ago
  • Published 2 days ago

Those of us born in the 1940s remember the polio virus pandemic that attacked the spinal column and left several of my classmates in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. When the Salk vaccine became available, everyone was required to get the shots, and we and our parents were very thankful. Laws were passed to make the vaccine required for school attendance, and the virus was controlled.  

Rotary International has been working for more than 50 years to stamp polio out, but there are still pockets of that disease in India and Africa.Alaska lawmakers should do what is right for the common good of all Alaskans and pass a law requiring vaccinations. I doubt they are able to do it, as they can’t even control themselves. 

Fishing companies should require vaccinations of all employees to protect the cannery town populations.All visitors should be required to be vaccinated at ports of entry unless they already have been vaccinated. Imagine the tourism industry boom we could generate by advertising that all Alaska residents are vaccinated and our state is a safe place to visit. In six weeks, we could truly be back to normal and throw the masks away. Look at what Singapore and New Zealand have accomplished to stop the spread.  

People refusing to get vaccinated don’t care about their families, parents, grandparents, neighbors or the rest of us. Very selfish! The hammer could be: no vaccine, no Permanent Fund dividend.

— Bill Kuhlmann


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