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Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need an adult

  • Author: Jon Goniwiecha
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 2 days ago
  • Published 2 days ago

If you haven’t voted for mayor yet, please consider this: Dave Bronson seems like someone in the same vein as Donald Trump and Mike Dunleavy — guys with high opinions of themselves with disastrous policies once in office.

Remember the buyer’s remorse everyone felt a few short months after Dunleavy was elected? Still in the midst of a pandemic, we can’t afford another small-minded politician who thinks he alone can fix the problem. How many deaths would be acceptable for him, as long as he can have a wide-open economy?Ironically, the pandemic would subside if those shouting the loudest about opening things up would just go get their shots. He’s not too far politically from Sen. Lora Reinbold. We all know how childish she has been.

In risky times like this, we need a leader who will take a reasoned, measured approach. One who can balance the continued risk of infection and death with a robust economy. We need an adult in the room. We need Forrest Dunbar.

— Jon Goniwiecha


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