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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Antisemitic comments

  • Author: David James
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 1 day ago
  • Published 1 day ago

Like most who saw them, I was horrified and sickened beyond description by the abominable antisemitic comments posted on social media this week by Anchorage mayoral also-ran Heather Herndon. Such words, much less the thoughts behind them, have no place whatsoever in Alaska or America, and no one holding these views is worthy of being called an Alaskan or an American.

I am asking all Alaskans to join me in unequivocally denouncing Herndon and her statements. If we cannot stand united against such bigoted, hate-filled attacks on our fellow Alaskans and Americans, and condemn all who would seek to normalize this behavior, then we have no shared values left as citizens of this state and nation. The evil Herndon openly demonstrated will only fester and grow in our communities if good people say nothing. And history clearly shows what silence in the face of this sort of evil leads to. We all must stand up and speak loudly with one voice, informing Herndon that neither she nor her views will ever find a home in Alaska or America. And then we all must ensure that this forever remains true.

— David James


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