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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Confident in Dunbar

  • Author: Ross Johnston
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 5 days ago
  • Published 5 days ago

I gave $600 to Bill Evans’ campaign. It is a multiple larger than any other campaign donation I have ever given in my life. I voted for Bill Evans because of his experience, thoughtfulness and strong moral compass. There was no other candidate who could provide the same level of leadership that Anchorage needs to thrive.

I mailed in my ballot today and voted for Forrest Dunbar. Where public office is a civic duty for Bill Evans, for Forrest Dunbar, it is his being. He has dedicated his life to the service of others, from the Peace Corps, military service, to the Assembly. Being a graduate of Yale Law School, Forrest Dunbar could easily be a partner at a law firm making a 6- or even a 7-figure salary. Instead, he supplements his $35,000 Assembly salary by serving in the Army National Guard.  

When I have spoken to Forrest, he has always been excited about expanding economic opportunities beyond what may have worked in the past. He knows that the future is about evolution. We need to give people a hand up, not a hand out, if we want to have a prosperous city. 

While I would have preferred Bill Evans as mayor due to his experience and disposition, I am confident in my vote for Forrest Dunbar. He will take Anchorage in the right direction.

— Ross Johnston


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