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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Questions for Bronson

  • Author: Dan Boland
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 5 days ago
  • Published 5 days ago

Every election cycle, I get reams of mail flyers from candidates running for office, telling me why I should vote for them. Usually, they go right to the trash can, not making it into my home. However, since last election in November, I decided to start reading them.

One recent mailer for mayor came from candidate Dave Bronson. His slogans raised some questions for me. Mr. Bronson makes three statements I would like him to clarify. Dave says:

1. “We need to remove burdensome regulations” and claims “mandates have closed some businesses.” What regulations does Mr. Bronson find burdensome? Does Mr. Bronson know the difference between a regulation and a mandate? Does he know why, how and by whom a regulation and mandate are created, and the purpose of each regulation and mandate?

2. “We can no longer tolerate the permissive attitude by city leaders toward lawlessness.” What laws does he think are being broken, and which city leaders are permitting the laws to be broken? Does Mr. Bronson understand the three separate branches of our American form of government: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial?

3. “City leaders have caused homelessness to quadruple and taxes to increase and increase. We need to a private/public partnership to take back our city.” Just exactly what did city leaders and which city leaders do to cause homelessness to quadruple and what did city leaders do to increase taxes? Who do you propose we take back the city from? Does Mr. Bronson understand that the majority of homeless in Anchorage is caused mostly by alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness? That alcoholism is created by drinking alcohol, and that the pro-business community strongly supports the manufacture, marketing and sale of alcohol; that the vast majority of crime is alcohol-related; that taxes are needed to fund police and the courts; that city property taxes are driven by voter approved bonds, meaning the citizens voted to increase their own property taxes?

— Dan Boland


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