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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Courage

  • Author: Jim Thiele
    | Opinion
  • Updated: June 10
  • Published June 10

I just re-read the oath of office that a U.S.senator takes when beginning their service to their country and constituents. The oath that Sen. Dan Sullivan stands by must be a bit different than the copy I have. In mine, after the words “uphold and defend,” the words Republican Party, Mitch McConnell, former president (disgraced), QAnon, insurrectionists — those words do not appear. Semper fi indeed, but faithful to what?

I guess when he started running from the rioters that stormed the capital on Jan. 6, he, as so many in his party, just kept running. Sen. Lisa Murkowski noted that “truth is hard stuff, but we’ve got a responsibility to it.” Thank heaven we have one person on our team with courage!

— Jim Thiele


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