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Letters to the Editor

Letter: D-Day sacrifice

  • Author: Suzanne Miles
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 3 days ago
  • Published 3 days ago

On June 6, 1944, 13 allied nations stormed the beach at Normandy to end the German occupation of Europe. A massive 175,000 troops defied death to free the world of one of history’s greatest menaces; 3,400 of these men were killed that day or missing in action. We fly our flag in their memory, with deep determination to never forget their sacrifice.

Today we face a threat similar to the Nazis’ fascism. The daily drumming of a constant stream of lies and disinformation is intended to unbalance our national unity, causing waves of suspicion against our legitimately elected government, actually encouraging us to arm ourselves against our neighbors and fellow Americans. We see assault weapons at Walmart, parading down small-town streets, bristling from the hands of young and old, many of whom are irrational at best. Who benefits from this?

The nation is being ripped apart — families destroyed, decades-long friendships ended, people physically attacking each other over mere words. Again, who benefits from this? Certainly not the government — theirs is the task of mending these damages.We must do our level best to hear one another, to deny the legions of liars and exploiters whose ambition is to regain their power at any cost — to preserve our freedom that was so dearly bought on June 6, almost 80 years ago.

— Suzanne Miles

Eagle River

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