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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sullivan reaffirms USPS importance

  • Author: John McHugh
    | Opinion
  • Updated: 5 days ago
  • Published 5 days ago

The American economy relies on the U.S. Postal Service because it provides affordable and reliable package delivery to small businesses and Alaskans throughout the state. The USPS’ importance has been particularly evident since the pandemic’s start. It has remained a crucial service for our daily lives through the delivery of life-saving medications to essential home supplies and more.

Rural communities, in particular, depend on the USPS as their primary delivery option; otherwise, they’d have to pay higher surcharges with private carriers. That’s why Sen. Dan Sullivan deserves to be thanked for backing postal reform that would enshrine an integrated delivery network with 6-day mail and package delivery into law. His support is critical to Alaska residents and small businesses.

— John McHugh

Chairman, The Package Coalition

Washington, D.C.

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