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Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP isn’t conservative

  • Author: Karen Delkittie
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 20
  • Published July 20

The Alaska Republican Party’s backing of outsider Kelly Tshibaka is proof the party is in line with the libertine. They are ignoring the acceptable morals and behavior of a true conservative. Ms. Tshibaka is not an Alaskan and never will be. She is what is known in the devious circles of politics as nothing more than a honey-pot plant and does not have a clue what is needed in Alaska.

Her only goal is to thwart anything of intelligent nature and get out of Alaska. Lisa Murkowski is a great asset to the state of Alaska and would even make a great president if this party wanted a conservative and not a hedonistic egotistical libertine plant from outside.

After considering the party’s acceptance of such a bad choice, maybe it is time they call themselves what they are. Libertine, not conservative, and most definitely not Republicans.

— Karen Delkittie


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