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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Homeless politics

  • Author: Donald Head
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 20
  • Published July 20

As Mayor Dave Bronson has said, people will die this winter if we play politics with people’s lives. Because citizens like Nancy Burke, Ethan Berkowitz, our military and thousands of other citizens (myself included) have been volunteering for 10 years to try and solve the homeless problem here in Anchorage.

But where was Dave Bronson when we did our homeless counts in the middle of an Alaska winter as we went to people’s tents at 6 a.m. giving out new socks, gloves, hats and resource information? Where was he when Lisa Sauder needed help? Where was he when churches and individuals opened up their doors in the middle of winter so that the people he is “trying” to save wouldn’t die?

And now that the city has a place like the Alaska Club, after years of trying methods, we should be celebrating. Not playing politics with people’s lives. Because, if the mayor does this right, Reno, San Francisco and the rest of the country will be looking at Anchorage.

— Donald Head


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