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Letters to the Editor

Letter: America must unite

  • Author: Robert L. Benton
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 21
  • Published July 21

America, what have we become? Have we again failed to learn from history? Freedoms are the lifeblood of democracy. My heart breaks to see the growing, mindless abuse of this nation — by Americans. The Greatest Generation was divided, letting our best and finest allies begin a war that likely would have been the end of civilization — until America was attacked. Overnight, all differences vanished; we again realized the meaning to be an American.

We now openly deny to share that dream, that reality with others who are desperate to share with work and love of one another, the very basic principles of our nation found on that gift of the Statue of Liberty.

Americans can do anything if we try, not just for ourselves but for all peoples desperate for freedom. We can make these very necessary events happen. Americans can once again be proud for all peoples. First, we need to unite, for everyone.

— Robert L. Benton


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