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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Create order

  • Author: Jim Foss
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 21
  • Published July 21

Anchorage has spent years making the homeless situation worse, and it has gotten out of hand! The touchy-feely approach of giving these “poor people” lots of time to move locations from camp to camp in our forests means we are tasked with constantly cleaning up toxic waste sites, as the drinking party moves on.

Simple solution: Give them 24 hours to move. Set up multiple city property for campers with oilfield trailers that have potties, showers, washer/dryer stations, donation distribution offices for food, clothing, mental health, mailing P.O. boxes, storage lockers. Make it a village, make it mobile, not permanent, make it workable for the winter, make it workable for their lifestyle.

Pay the homeless using these facilities to clean them, operate security in showers on-site, run distribution centers, operate check-ins and assign campsites, set up social halls, create a village in a controlled environment that offers limited employment, and a chance for these people to stabilize their living conditions. Give them a sense of pride in their little village. You could even have some portable “tiny houses” in this system, or male and female bunk houses. This is an emergency; we are not supporting these people by chasing them from one campsite to another. We need to create order in their lives!

— Jim Foss


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