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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Democracy under threat

  • Author: Floyd Peterson
    | Opinion
  • Updated: July 21
  • Published July 21

Prior to the Second World War, Adolf Hitler used his warped talent of brainwashing people with unbelievable success on millions of Germans. If he and his henchmen had the yet-to-be-invented personal computer and had access to a world-wide web of unrestricted social media, it is scary to think of what the outcome of the war might have been.

Today, I’m afraid that the combination of misinformation, lying politicians and ignorance is a threat to our democracy. I wish that more people would watch, listen or read credible news outlets that are held liable for their narrative and then feel compelled to voice their opinions. Personally, I am impressed with news channels that support their narrative with verifying video and or audio.

The protection of our democracy depends on being truthfully informed.

— Floyd Peterson


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