Letters to the Editor

Letter: Motorcycle noise

First off, I would like to thank the ADN for having this platform. It’s great to be able to submit topics for others to ponder.

With beautiful summer weather comes motorcycles. Now let me preface this by saying I have owned two. I am not anti-motorcycle by any means.

I used to love the feeling of riding around with the wind and sun on my face. The pure freedom was awesome.

My issue is with the super loud exhausts. It is, by definition, noise pollution. When I was a child, I would place playing cards on my bicycle forks to make my pedal bike sound loud. Now, I grew out of that when I turned 12!

I wonder how those who have these obnoxiously loud exhausts would feel if I came by their home as they slept and fired it up. Of maybe they just got their child to bed and the noise from an unnecessarily loud exhaust woke their child. The proverbial list goes on and on.

I have emailed the chief of the Anchorage Police Department, begging officers to ticket the offenders who have exhausts that far surpass decibel limitations. This applies to not only motorcycles, but motor vehicles with exhausts that are way past the legal dB limit.

I am requesting those who feel the same way to reach out to APD in a professional manner to request that those offenders be ticketed.

To reiterate, I am not anti-motorcycle. I am anti-noise pollution.

— Christopher McIntosh


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