Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support me, and Pebble too

This is Huhnkie Lee again, running for U.S. Senate in 2022 as an independent Alaskan.

So. I’m pro-Pebble. I understand why you may disapprove. But please, allow me to prove to ya that Pebble is good.

You may have heard and read that Pebble will kill salmon. I say that is a lie. I don’t think a single salmon would die from Pebble. What if I tell ya, Pebble won’t kill salmon, but Pebble will save people instead?

You may have seen the ugly picture of a decommissioned open-pit mining site that anti-Pebble people posted online.

My advice? Don’t look at it. Don’t even think about it. All you need to think about is the revenue windfall that Pebble will bring you, Alaskans.

So what will we do with all that money? We’ll lower taxes. We shall shall educate and train the criminals, the homeless, the drug addicts, so they learn how to study, how to work, and how to pursue happiness legally.

Ladies and gentlemen, we shall save Alaskan lives.

— Huhnkie Lee


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