Letters to the Editor

Letter: Our responsibility to each other

Anarchy is rights without responsibilities. Tyranny, which fills the vacuum of anarchy, is responsibilities without rights. Democracies, where rights and responsibilities are inseparable, lies directly between the two.

From George Orwell: “The price of liberty is not so much eternal vigilance as eternal dirt.” The abuse of modern media is fracturing America. Patriots are not the ones who loudly proclaim “Rights! Freedom! Leave us alone!” but those who protect others as much as themselves.

Likewise religions must work toward a better world where everyone has equal freedom and opportunities, especially within their own denominations. Religions that do not advocate absolute equality for all are backward and evil — discrimination and segregation inevitably escalate to persecution. True patriots, true religions move forward — they do not turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.  

None of us live in a vacuum. If Americans will not act responsibly toward their fellow citizens, then America will crumble from within, not from without. We are the nation the world wants to have hope in and look up to.

— Thomas Harrison Morse


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