Letters to the Editor

Letter: We’re all tired; do your part

In response to Mr. Nicholas Danger’s recent letter: Everyone is sick of a “mandate.” No one enjoys a nag. Everyone wishes this were over, especially businesses, hospitals and the government. Health care professionals probably wish it over more than most, as they see the reluctance for vaccines which work, see results of those refusing to use even minimal protection via a mask and high numbers of unnecessary hospitalized patients and COVID-19 deaths and those who will have long-term health issues that could have been avoided.

Do you have a favorite sports team or musical performer? Do you sometimes wear that favorite logo-wear to show your support or enthusiasm? Wearing a mask is simply a safe covering showing your support toward the health of others. And when everyone participates in the prevention of this spread, the outcomes are better and the necessity of a mask ends sooner.

— Jill Galbraith


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