Letters to the Editor

Letter: Assembly deserves our thanks

I am an ICU physician and I want to thank the Assembly. Last year, when we did not have vaccines or some of the therapeutics currently available, the Assembly made tough decisions to flatten the curve through masking, social distancing, and limiting gatherings. Due to their actions, we were able to avoid many of the terrible outcomes experienced in other communities. While it was not without cost, they helped save lives. The tragedy is that no one remembers events that were avoided, and we will never be able to quantify the lives that were saved.  

In the meantime, the Assembly faced harsh criticism while acting in the interest of protecting the community and the very people hurling insults.  This year, despite new therapeutics and vaccines, we are doing worse. As I reflect on this new direction, as our hospitals are becoming overwhelmed, I realize I took the Assembly’s actions for granted. Though belated, I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude to the Assembly members for their leadership.

— Edwin Lee, M.D.


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