Letters to the Editor

Letter: Who needs a prize?

I am furious! We are now giving prizes for those getting vaccinated?

My husband and I were vaccinated in January. Since that time, we have not gone out without masking and have kept social distancing. We have not seen our grandchildren on the East Coast for over a year. We are not asking for medals. What we and so many others have done is vaccinate for our personal protection and the good of the community. We don’t need a prize.

Anyone with any common sense knows that you don’t reward bad behavior. We are now rewarding those who wouldn’t vaccinate early with prizes when they have been responsible for the rise in hospitalizations and deaths. What if they hold out longer — will the prizes get bigger?

Maybe the next time I’m shopping in Fred Meyer or Carrs wearing my uncomfortable mask, they’ll give me a dozen eggs.

— Mary Navitsky


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