Letters to the Editor

Letter: Julia O’Malley’s pie crust

Yet another thank-you to Julia O’Malley for her berry pie crust recipe. One would think someone my age would have mastered pretty pie crust by now. However, my mother’s hand-me-down method of trying to wield two dinner knives through cold butter to combine with the flour never satisfactorily achieved the desired goal and drove me to pie crust assembly avoidance for decades.

For all of us who learned to cook before the invention of the food processor, pie crust baking failures contributed to the popularity of the common, but less versatile and certainly less cooking-star worthy, graham cracker crust and its Oreo pals.

My attempt at Julia’s crust was a triumph, by my standards, losing only half a star for that last tablespoon of iced vodka. Nonetheless, thanks for her commentary. From this septuagenarian who has now rediscovered real pie crust, Julia’s easy-to-follow instructions and explanations are appreciated!

— Mary Lou Gillam


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