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Letter: End the nightmare

Juanita, my wife of 33 years, passed away Dec. 16, 2019, from heart disease. She was provided every chance to survive and in the end received wonderful pallitive care. I was with her and was able to give one last kiss as she slipped quietly away. The last 21 months have been hard for me as I grieve and learn to be alone.

My problem? A horror film now plays in my head on an unending loop. Medical care is starting to be rationed in Anchorage due to the surge in COVID infections resulting in hospitalization. That means those who need critical care may not receive it. That means patients with severe COVID symptoms may be minimally treated until they pass, people with heart attacks may not be receive treatment in that precious golden hour when treatment might make the difference. Those with diseases and cancers may not receive lifesaving care. Families may not be able to be with their loved ones as they pass away, like I was blessed to be with Juanita in her last hours. That is the horror film now running in my mind. Family members grieving without the chance to say goodbye.

I ask myself why — I know it is because too many people refuse to get vaccinated against COVID for any number of reasons, none of which are good enough to warrant imposing this horrible circumstance upon the hospital, the doctors, nurses and the entire medical team at the hospitals, not to mention the families of those needing critical care.

Please help put a halt to this terrible virus. Please help protect those around you and near you. Please help protect yourself. Please do not spread this virus. I beg you, please get vaccinated. I need my nightmare to come to an end.

— Michael Mott

Eagle River

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