Letters to the Editor

Letter: Adopt the mask mandate

I support the proposed mask mandate to help our city come back from the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I also want to say that I hope the Assembly will not be swayed by a raw head count of how many people have testified for and against the mandate during the hearings on the subject. I believe these numbers do not represent true public sentiment. I, and likely many others, wanted to testify but chose not to, because I did want to expose myself to the coronavirus by having to spend time in close quarters with unmasked mask opponents.I believe these hearings have been a threat to public health and quite possibly superspreader events because of so many unmasked and probably unvaccinated people in such close quarters.

If Assembly members want their hearings to be fair to all sides and representative of true public sentiment, they need to make it possible for those of us concerned about contracting COVID-19 to testify in a safe environment. We should not have to put our health in jeopardy to address our elected officials at public hearings.

I say this as someone who is fully vaccinated. Even with the vaccines now available, breakthrough cases are possible. Most of these cases are mild, but they can promote further spread of the coronavirus. And, in rare cases, they can be a serious threat to the health of the vaccinated person.

The Assembly should make its proceedings safe for all of us who wish to testify, and it should adopt the mask mandate to hasten the end of this awful epidemic.

— Stan Jones


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