Letters to the Editor

Letter: Disgraceful comparison

I have never been more ashamed to admit that I am an Alaskan. My sister from Alabama, a completely red state, said she felt badly for Alaskans after reading the story of the yellow-star squad. How dare anyone make yellow Stars of David for an Assembly meeting anywhere in the U.S.?

I wonder if the people who are wearing the new yellow stars have a clue what was meant to be a Jew during Nazi Germany. I wonder how many have seen the newsreels showing millions of people starved to death, tortured, forced into labor and death camps, gassed, shot and shoveled into mass graves. I could go on and on.

What could possibly justify the comparison between wearing a yellow star to indicate you are a Jew in the ghettos and being required to wear a mask or being vaccinated in order to protect our fellow citizens? What on Earth is the matter with Mayor Dave Bronson and his followers, anyway?

— Claire Sigurdsson


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