Letters to the Editor

Letter: In a nosedive

I would like to give a “spot on” to Michael Carey’s Oct. 5 ADN commentary, “Bronson’s pandemic actions show he has a lot to learn about being mayor.”

This is what happens when Alaskans don’t do deep dives into political candidates who have deep pockets from dark money by unknown outsiders, zero knowledge about politics, listening, government, the U.S. Constitution, civics, economics, science, health care or consideration and advice from subject matter experts. You shoot yourself in the foot.

Now that Dave Bronson has served 90 days as mayor, I’m convinced I would not get on a commercial or private plane he was piloting. Right now, he’s sending Anchorage into an uncontrollable nosedive, with all his unmasked, unvaccinated passengers laughing and clapping all the way down.

— Patrick Ozment


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