Letters to the Editor

Letter: It’s about patriotism

Recently, two technicians arrived at our home for a needed service call. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Are you vaccinated?”

Tech: “No. Are you?”

Me: “Yes. Why aren’t you?”

Tech: “It causes cancer.”

Me: “I haven’t seen anything anywhere that remotely suggests that the vaccines cause cancer. Where did you hear that?”

Tech: “There are a lot of places. Johnson and Johnson baby powder causes cancer.”

Me: “Vaccinations are not baby powder. Do you have masks?”

Tech: “Yes. If you’re vaccinated, why are you wearing a mask?”

Me: “Do you know about delta and what breakthrough infections are?”

Tech: “Yes.”

That was the end of the conversation about COVID. Sadly, Eagle River is represented by Jamie Allard and Lora Reinbold, two people who seem to have slept through their high school science classes. When we add in Dave Bronson and Mike Dunleavy, this situation seems hopeless.Our daughter is a nurse working at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and our son is a physical therapist working at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma. Like almost all health care workers in the U.S., they are living in a state of stress and uncertainty while fulfilling their duties to keep us healthy and safe. If you refuse to wear a mask and refuse to get vaccinated, you do not deserve medical attention resulting from a COVID-19 infection.

It’s really, really simple for us still to get through this somewhat intact: wear a mask and get vaccinated. This is about patriotism, compassion for fellow citizens and living up to what your claim of being Christian requires.

— Dennis Daigger

Eagle River

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