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Letter: Nonprofits are key to civil, just societies

At Foraker, we focus on strengths — strengths of the people, the places and the missions we serve. Fault, blame and shame have no place in our work as they rarely, if ever, lead to resolution or learning. It is, then, with a heavy heart that we are witnessing the blatant antisemitism, racism, anti-­LGBTQ, anti-science rhetoric happening in Anchorage. While we serve the entire state of Alaska, its people and nonprofits, many of us call Anchorage our home. It is distressing, to say the very least.

In a democracy, we get to hear different voices. Divisive rhetoric is not new. But the current fevered pitch playing out in this COVID pandemic is a pandemic of its own. It is allowed to continue because the vast majority of us are simply out of energy to combat it.

But, just as for COVID, there is a vaccine for this, too, in the form of education – on the Holocaust (Anne Frank CenterHolocaust Memorial Museum) – on the detriment of colonization (First Alaskans InstituteAlaska Native Heritage CenterThe Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators) – on the deep harm of racism (Southern Poverty Law CenterAlaska Black Caucus) – and on anti-LGBTQ life (Pride FoundationAnti-Defamation LeagueIdentity Alaska).

It also comes in the form of voting rights (Nonprofit VoteVoting Rights Act) and by a commitment to civic engagement that is civil by all those in elected office. And finally, it comes from a deep belief that our democracy is worth all the effort.

Let’s find the strength together to speak up when we see injustice — to lead with love — to work for a truly civil and just society.

— Laurie Wolf

CEO, The Foraker Group


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