Letters to the Editor

Letter: A fresh breeze for governor

Thank you, Les Gara! The commentary on the opinion page Oct. 7 in the ADN was spot on. What a refreshing breeze through a very stale political atmosphere to read his thoughts on how the state should be running and how the present administration is playing politics to the detriment of Alaska and many of its citizens. Most of us are aware of this. If you have not read the article, I encourage you to do so.

When Gara first entered Alaska politics, I begin reading his articles on issues of the time, and was impressed. When he threw his hat into the gubernatorial ring for the next election, I wanted to refresh myself on his past stands to see if I remembered him correctly. Going into the archives of the ADN and other news sources and rereading, I was not disappointed.

As always, I found him to be articulate, intelligent, thoughtful, professional and willing to buck opposing political headwinds when those views just didn’t seem right. His experience in the Legislature has given him the knowledge of how the system works, and, he has the compassion, ability and desire to be an exceptional governor for all Alaskans. His heart and mind are in the right place. I personally can’t think of anyone I would rather see as governor of Alaska than Les Gara.

— Dennis Bromley


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