Letters to the Editor

Letter: An auditory assault

In the recent past, fall brought people out to their yards with rakes and other non-motorized yard tools. Raking leaves provided an opportunity to observe fall colors, spend time outdoors, talk to neighbors, enjoy a crisp fall day and get some arm exercise.

It pains my ears and my heart to see this tradition replaced with the high-decibel onslaught of the leaf blower supplanting the rake. I stay indoors when neighbors are assaulting the innocent ears of those living nearby. Even my cats choose to stay indoors when the roar of the leaf blower overwhelms the pleasure of being outdoors.

Lay down your leaf blower, and once again take up the rake. It will benefit your health, provide peace and calm to the neighborhood, and assist the environment by removing a gas-guzzling machine from spewing its climate warming exhaust into the atmosphere. Let us all return from the mechanized roar of the leaf blower back to the quiet simplicity of a rake. We will be better for it.

— Sarah Robicheaux


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