Letters to the Editor

Letter: Disappointed

I was very disappointed in the Assembly meetings on the mask issue, with so many people testifying in a rude and abusive manner. Since so many participants were not wearing masks, this was a potential super-spreader event.

According to the newspaper, several people in attendance booed a doctor after he gave testimony regarding the safety of wearing a mask while we are in a pandemic. I was wondering if these people would boo the doctor when he or she was leaning over them with a mask on, trying to save their life from this virus. More than 700,000 Americans have died from this virus — close to the total population of Alaska.

As to the persons wearing the Star of David during the testimony, I can only say that they are not aware of the atrocities the Nazis committed during World War II. Not only did the Nazis murder six million Jewish people, but also gypsies and anyone who was disfigured or had a disability. To compare wearing a mask to stop the spread of this virus to the Holocaust during World II is beyond ludicrous.

According to our “pilot in command,” the mayor; he simply doesn’t know what to do regarding the virus spreading in Anchorage. I suggest that he take the advice of the CDC and doctors and visit a hospital ICU. This is not rocket science but medical science.

Alaska is now in a crisis standard of care with so many unvaccinated COVID patients in the hospital. Please, let’s all get together and defeat this virus by wearing masks to protect not only yourself, but your family and neighbors, by social distancing and getting vaccinated. Otherwise, we will be living with the virus and the various variants for years to come.

— Bob Reupke


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