Letters to the Editor

Letter: Nonsensical cat policies

To the jerk trapping cats in the Spenard area, you can go and take a long walk off a short pier. My cat is an indoor/outdoor one. He has been roaming Spenard streets for more than 8 years, with no problems. Now someone has decided to trap these cats and turn them over to the animal shelter off Tudor.

When I went there, I was schooled by the heartless and curt employee that cats have to stay in their yard — what nonsense! That the first time a cat is brought in, there is no ticket to the owner. After that, if your cat is caught and brought in, it will be a $100 ticket; after that $200; after that $300. And all subsequent ones will be $300 after that. Since my cat cannot be locked up, nor do I have the means to keep him the yard, I have to forfeit him over to the shelter — because I will let him out; it is too cruel to keep a cat locked up, and insane to try to do it. So they had just bought themselves a cat.

It was a sad day, for Sterling and myself. I had to learn the hard way the heartless polices and people in Spenard, and at the shelter, who want to punish cats for being part of our culture, lifestyle and city. And worst of all, it was a sad and tragic day for Sterling. He will be incredibly missed.

— Stevien Douglas


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