Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pull together on masks

Wearing a mask in public while the delta variant rages in our community is an obligation we all share. Even the vaccinated are contracting this delta variant. I personally know of five cases locally.

To say that requiring me to wear a mask in public during this time of uncertainty violates my rights actually is itself a violation of my right to live in a community that values the safety of its members. I support a temporary mask mandate. I would trust Dr. Anne Zink to determine the appropriate duration.

In addition, I would urge the mayor and his office staff to lead by example. Wear a mask in public. Urge everyone to be vaccinated and to wear a mask in public. The mayor’s support in this effort is desperately needed. I urge him to be a visible example.

Let’s get this behind us. Normal is possible if we all pull together.

— David Donaldson


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