Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thoughts on the mask mandate

Thank you to those Assembly members who voted for the mask mandate. They are the courageous and strong leaders Alaskans need in a crisis.

Mayor Dave Bronson should know that true leaders make informed decisions and vote accordingly. Those decisions they make are based on facts, not social media posts or dogma. Coronavirus doesn’t yield to government decrees or political views. Science is not a democracy that we can vote to accept or not accept. Truth doesn’t need a vote.

Citizens of Anchorage and others who came to the Assembly meetings to protest the mask mandate, please stop the name-calIing. Look outside yourselves and step out of the misinformation bubble. Please listen to the scientists and also to those who have had COVID and conquered it.

Believe me, you don’t want this dreadful disease. I have seen people who have had COVID-19 and lived to tell the tale. It is a disease I don’t want to get. I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself, my loved ones and even those unmasked folks I don’t know safe by wearing a mask. Also, I believe our Constitution mandates it: “In order to form a more perfect union … promote the general welfare …”

— Barbara Gazaway


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