Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need better leadership

I’ve been a physician here in Anchorage since 1989. I am more than disheartened at the way Mayor Dave Bronson is treating this pandemic. Alaska is now the No. 1 worst in the nation, if not the world, in new case counts and deaths per capita. Is our mayor proud of that? Is he happy about standing up for an individual’s “right” not to wear a mask and to not get vaccinated? Has he had anyone in his family or circle of friends die a needless death because of COVID? What did he think about the recent front page story in the ADN, “COVID-related cancellations pulled $39 million out of the economy this year.” Is he patting himself on the back for that?

Get with it! We were all just coming out of the gloom. And now we’re all back in the hole, and by the counts my friends are giving me, deeper than ever. We took one step forward and three steps back, thanks to people like the mayor.

We can get back on track, but it’s going to take people a lot stronger than Bronson to do it. We all need to mask up for a while, and get vaccinated. It was — starting — to work before, and it will work if we all pull together. It would help to have some strong leadership.

— John Lapkass


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