Letters to the Editor

Letter: Assembly civility

The lead story in the ADN Oct. 18 was off the mark. How the Assembly used to get along is kind of beside the point. The real story is why people think rude behavior is OK and why people hold so fiercely to misinformation.

As I read it, the story wrongly implied that the Assembly itself was responsible for the mayhem. In fact, all the rude behavior came from the anti-mask public testimony and from Mayor Dave Bronson.

How did people get so venomous and full of contempt? Why did the mayor order the security detail excused? Why did he order the shield removed? Why did Assembly member Jamie Allard attempt to thwart an orderly public process?

The story implied that the fact of the Assembly’s progressive majority contributed to the mayhem. So we blame the progressives because their majority makes the far right furious? I don’t think so.

The story barely mentioned Donald Trump. I agree with Heather Flynn: the behavior of the anti-mask crowd was part and parcel of the Trump mentality, writ local. That mentality – anti-science, anti-fact and venomous as all get out – is at the core of what we saw in those public hearings.

Patty Ginsburg


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