Letters to the Editor

Letter: Differences in volume

The letter on Oct. 14 by Kristine Gugel, “Disappointed in the Assembly,” showed that she doesn’t understand testimony at hearings. She claimed that the Assembly “ignored the loud and abundant outcry against (the proposed mask) ordinance.” In fact, the Assembly considered all testimony, and the majority of that was in favor of the ordinance.

Testimony at an Assembly hearing can be delivered in person – or, with equal weight, in writing (usually via emails) or by phone. According to one Assembly member, about 3,500 people submitted testimony in writing or by phone, and slightly more than two-thirds of these were in favor of the ordinance. In contrast, a bit more than 250 people testified in person, all opposed. That still leaves 2 to 1 in favor.

The “loud and abundant outcry” cited by Ms. Gugel did occur. But in a democracy, the preponderance of opinion is the deciding factor – not the volume of noise from one side or the other.

Vivian Mendenhall    


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