Letters to the Editor

Letter: No to the mask mandate

I am disgusted by our Anchorage Assembly meetings over the past weeks fighting about mask mandates. I see no reason to have a mask mandate. When I have been out and about, I have seen businesses and their customers policing themselves. Businesses have been encouraging everyone to mask, whether vaccinated or not. I have observed that the majority of people are wearing masks, and it’s nice to see people not harassing each other about it. When you make it a rule, then everyone starts fighting each other.

I have seen businesses that require masks, businesses that encourage masks, and businesses that don’t care. We are all getting along just fine.  It’s just the babies on the Assembly and in City Hall fighting each other over something so small. If a business wants to require a mask, I wear one. If not, I have one available depending on the crowd of people in the stores or restaurants.

This recent mask mandate will probably make me quit my job. I’m an older person with a bad knee and don’t walk that great. The mask hinders my ability to see through my glasses and to see my feet. It puts me at a much greater risk of falling, and it hinders my ability to breathe the fresh air.

Thank you so much to the Assembly members for passing such a foolish ordinance. They don’t need masks, They need gag orders and perhaps a class in manners.

Vicki Williams


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