Letters to the Editor

Letter: Think even bigger on imported game

No, Charles Ryan, a giraffe should not be the governor’s choice for import to Alaska for sportsmen.  Elephants would be way better, because elephants have been proven to be able to survive in Alaska; giraffes definitely have not.

When I moved to Alaska in the mid-1960s, the first large mammal I saw here was an elephant going for a walk down O’Malley Road. I saw with my own eyes that they can survive and adapt to the cold. (Maybe the elephant mukluks helped just a little.) But facts are facts: there were elephants in Anchorage for many, many years. Scientifically, with a rounder shape, elephants would do way better in the cold than any skinny old giraffe, yet still provide tons of meat for interested hunters. Plus there’s the prehistoric record: No giraffes ever lived in Alaska, but there were woolly mammoths and mastodons all over the place up here.  

Alaskans can make anything happen, but elephants have my vote.

— L.L. Raymond


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