Letters to the Editor

Letter: Able to celebrate again

This time last year, I was pretty much holed up all alone. I can’t afford to get sick. Last year I shopped once a month, if that. I ordered online whenever possible.Last year, for the first time in 60 years, I spent Thanksgiving alone. A dear friend, and someone I barely knew, both made up plates of food from their family gatherings for me to eat, alone. It was so sweet, I cherished every single item on those dishes and still I cried. The holidays were really hard.

This winter, I go out into the city and I spend money nearly every day. Every day I share the money I have earned in my lifetime with businesses around town. Through those businesses I help support not only the businesses, but the wage earners who call this place home. Every day I am an active member of Anchorage, doing my part.

I can only do this because of the mask mandate and the vaccine. Because of the tools available, I am once again participating in community.

This Thanksgiving, I have had several invitations and I am eternally grateful. I will bring a pie, flowers, gift, all from several different businesses around town. I am shopping here for Christmas. I love feeling the spirit of the season – with strangers – in the shops, at the events.I only feel comfortable doing so because of the mask mandate and being vaccinated. Anchorage is a spectacular place to live, and I so look forward celebrating the holidays this year as a part of this community. Doing my part.

Lisa G. Frederic


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